Happy Note! Notes In Space 1.6

Happy Note! Notes In Space 1.6: A real computer game to learn music the fun way! Note! Notes in Space is a full-fledged arcade-type computer game that`s both fun and educational. It will teach you about relative note durations (whole notes, half notes, quarter notes) even as you play and have fun. You`ll be shooting at space faring notes from your very own spaceship.When you hit a whole note, it will split into 2 half notes. When you hit one of these half notes, it will split into 2 quarter notes. What then? Play the game and

Note Recorder 1.7: Note Recorder is an easy to use voice recording and note taking tool.
Note Recorder 1.7

notes, you can also create freehand notes and drawings. - Full-featured text editor. Text format is compatible with Microsoft Word. - You can create categories to store your notes in to help keep them organized. Note Recorder is designed for laptop and notebook computers with a screen resolution of 1366x768 or greater. Use on a portable computer is necessary if the program is to be used in a class or meeting room. Note: For recording notes, you will

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NotesToMyself 3.0: Simple, effective note keeping program. Click Task Bar icon. Invaluable tool!
NotesToMyself 3.0

Simple, effective note keeping program. Add icon to Task Bar and Notes is one click away for use while using any other program. An invaluable working tool. Categorize note topic for searching. Cut and paste to and from Notes from other programs or websites, each note over 5000 characters. Delete or archive old notes. Takes very little space and uses little resources. All notes can become reminderswith due dates.

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Notes2 for Outlook 1.01: Create and stick notes to Outlook e-mails, tasks, contacts, and appointments
Notes2 for Outlook 1.01

Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that allows you to create and stick Notes to Outlook e-mails, tasks, contacts, appointments and meetings like using Post-Itâ„¢ notes. Auto-insert content of the linked note, when replying or forwarding e-mail. Customize notes with different colors or text fonts. Easy items filtering by note presence. Notes reminder and date/time stamp. Auto-mark with the flag an item linked to your Note. Print e-mail with Note.

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Notes Organizer Deluxe 4.21: Notes management software for Windows..
Notes Organizer Deluxe 4.21

Notes Organizer Deluxe is a flexible database management software with ready to use notes management solutions. Notes manager gives you an easy way to gather, organize, and manage information about all your personal or business notes, daily tasks, or any to do items. Software comes with several templates: Note Book Simple, Notes Detailed, Journal, ToDo Organizer. You can choose the one that best suits your personal or business needs. Notes Organizer

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InstantNavigator for OneNote 0.7.1: A productivity plug-in enhances OneNote with instant Vista-style search
InstantNavigator for OneNote 0.7.1

Note more productive when you have thousands of notes. The plug-in enhances OneNote with an instant "quick-as-you-type" search capability, which works in much the same way as Instant Search in Microsoft Vista. You can find a note with a few keystrokes - just type in a relevant keyword or phrase and see the note you`re looking for instantly. If you often find yourself tired of searching through thousands of results in OneNote, InstantNavigator will

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QuickNotes 3.5

Notes manages several "notes" or "topics" in a single file database. QuickNotes allows you to embed media files including images, sound clips, or any other document directly into the note text; it will all be saved together inside the database file. To make a link to another note simply double click a word. If a note already exists, a link to the existing note will be created. QuickNotes is used by writers to manage their story lines and characters

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